We are very proud to hold an incomparable gathering with so many unique features. Other events do not have them.

–  Members only take part, not anyone

–  Spectators are dance professionals, not just people from the neighbourhood

–  Location is a nation’s capital, not a remote place

–  Performers converge from dozens of countries, not only one or two

–  Large ensembles have precedence over solos

–  Venue is a prestigious national dance theatre with 70 years history (860 seats)

–  Enormous stage allowing expanded choreographies

–  Under the Acropolis of Athens, cradle of Western civilization

–  Next to the Pnyx Hill, the exact birthplace of democracy

–  Near Dionysus Theatre, the most ancient dance theatre in the world  

–  Publishing a list of participants with their respective countries

–  Event fully endorsed by CID, the summit organization for Dance

   Please inform other dance professionals, journalists and the public. Post photos, videos, interviews at social media, write about your participation.

The World Festival of Indian Dance

17-19 July 2023

Athens, Greece

Anapale World Festival 2023

24-26 July 2023
Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Athens, Greece

Emmeleia World Festival 2023

18-20 September 2023

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Athens, Greece

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