Visa Requirements

For CID Members attending events abroad:

  1. Check if you do need a visa. Contact the consulate of the country hosting the event, or a specialized travel agent.
  2. Apply as early as possible. Some consulates need one month or more to process applications
  3. Usually a visa application is accompanied by:

          –  Certificate of registration at the event

         –  Return flight ticket

         –  Hotel accommodation for the duration of the event. Ask a local travel agent or hotel to send you confirmation of booking

          –  Proof that you have enough money on you for accommodation, meals and daily expenses

          –  Insurance for the duration of your stay


   4. Useful information:

          –  Simple letters of invitation are usually rejected. If you apply without the required documents your passport might be stamped “visa refused”

          –  For large delegations or dance ensembles, the CID Section can contact the consulate in support their application

          –  We recommend letting a specialized travel agent handle your application and travel arrangements

          –  Every year, CID Members from dozens of countries receive a visa to attend events endorsed by CID, because CID is the official organization of dance recognized by governments, partner of UNESCO.

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