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CID Seminars 2023

"TLAMANALLI : Pre-Hispanic Sacred Dances in Mexico". Saturday 3 June at 17:00 Paris time

By Pr Torres Villanueva
Saturday june 3 at 17h00 Paris Time

in English and French

Paris Section: Dance and spirituality



Seminars usually have one speaker, a narrow subject area and a focus on teaching. They are similar to classes but are more compact, longer and addressed to advanced students or professionals. They are organized by CID Sections, with assistance by the CID Secretariat.


– Open to all, free of charge, provided they validate their email address and send their full data to the CID Secretariat
– Duration of each session: 2 hours on average
– Two or more speakers each time, then questions to them, discussion
– One working language per session (no translating)
– Program and details are similar to teleconferences (see specifications there)
– Moderator can be the Section President or another CID Member with her approval
– A Section can specialize in one or several themes
– Announcement and proceedings (i.e. text or Powerpoint sent by the speaker) posted at the website of the Section and/or at CID Writings
– Send announcement before the 12th of the month, plus poster and/or flyer (a flyer has much more text than a poster)
– Design a poster and/or a flyer to post at social media (dimensions differ for Facebook, Instagram etc.). Send it to the CID Secretariat.
– Attend seminars by other CID Sections to get ideas
– Promote your seminar nationally, while CID promotes internationally. Success is measured mainly by the number of persons attending.

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